Cheers From Heaven (Coming Soon)

Five friends discover they are feeling uneasy emotions about a former classmate, Drew, who
suddenly passed away from a dreadful disease. Each of them had mistreated him in their own
way and style. Guilt soon overtakes the students, and they are guided by their teacher to visit
Drew’s parents and confess their wrongdoings. During their visit, they are entrusted with Drew’s
secret locked box which he left behind. What’s inside sets the students on a life-changing
Drew has left these students with some unexpected notes that unites them in a way they
never imagined. They are led to grow in maturity and emotionally, beyond who they once were.
The insights gained inspire not only these students to accept others and their differences but
leads the whole school to follow. The mysteries continue till the very end with a final message
from Drew that leaves everyone wondering can you really send Cheers from Heaven

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