The Wonder of Me

In the third installment of Mary E Jackson’s Poohlicious books, perfectly precious is a little boy and it’s wonderful! Children are so susceptible to what we think and to see them as wonderful is one step to building up happy healthy children.

Book Three in the Poohlicious series is carrying on the tradition of seeing the wonderfulness in each child. The Wonder of Me, shares both the funny parts of children and the things that make them different teaching them that they are okay no matter what. Having different shaped ears, hair that won’t behave, and doing things in their own style is what childhood is full of.

Join us with your Poohlicious, as we journey through the funny and sometimes awkward parts of childhood while learning empowering I AM statements to carry with them as they grow. Wonderful for ages four through seven. Let’s get them started early on a road to self-belief and empowerment.

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